May 15th – 24th


May 15th – 24th



NOTE: The Watch Your Words LIVE Challenge Is May 15th Through 24th (2pm PT / 5pm ET)

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Here are 3 things to do right now to set yourself up for success:

Step 1: MarkYour Calendar

The challenge kicks off on May 15th. Plan to join Christy LIVE at 2pm PT / 5pm ET on Zoom, YouTube or Facebook at the Christy Whitman International Facebook page:

RSVP on Facebook now for convenient reminders to join as soon as I go live here:

Not on Facebook? No problem! You can join us on Zoom. Save the date and time now. You will receive an email with the dates, times and Zoom info.  You can also choose you preferred calendar link below to conveniently add the details to your calendar now:

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Can’t make the LIVE kickoff? Know you’ll miss one of the sessions? We’ve got you covered. Recordings of each session will be available.

We HIGHLY encourage you to make time to attend the live sessions. Not only can you interact with Christy and other participants … making your participation a top priority will focus your energy and create momentum.


Check your email for a confirmation. The email is FROM Christy Whitman and email address Add that contact to your safe sender’s list so that you don’t miss a message. If you do not receive this email within 5 minutes, check your junk or spam folder. If you still do not locate the confirmation email please contact us at


Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from past students … and start imagining about the Having It All Life you’d like to create.

I have grown in the last 30 days, and I have more to do … looking forward to more…

– M. Pruitt

I wonder how many of these simple, persistent practices we are all involved in. I’m beginning to go through these 30 days of messages, over and over again…

– A. McKenna

Such valuable information, simple but powerful. Making me pay attention to what words I choose.

– C. Tree

We like what Christy has to say about excuses

– Healing Quest

The Little Red Caboose.. I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Know I Can, I Know I Can.. Choo Choo! This was a story read to me in the 70s and has stuck with me through out my life.. The Little Train That Could 🙂 This video reminds me of this.. Great 30 days.. Love your work! Thank you for offering this for free. Everyone could benefit from taking this course.

– M. Molinari

Christy my heart and mind want to thank you for creating this program. It has expanded my self awareness of the power I hold with my words. First for my life and second as a ripple effect of sharing this with others. Such positive results occur daily and I am in deep gratitude for the gift of you and your work. May the Universe continue to bless you.

– P. Owen

THANK YOU CHRISTY for your teachings, that inspire to correct our vibrations through WORDS!!!

– Y. Artemus

Such a great revelation to me, I will be so much more cognizant about the word try. Thank you!!

– S. Seiden


– B. Lucas

I no longer believe my current job is wrong, instead I prefer to be thankful for this job which allowed me to listen to Coast to Coast and be introduced to my favorite teacher and mentor Christy Whitman. P,S, thank you.

– C. Gartrelle

Christy, you are my favorite mentor. Since I started watching my words, I feel better. Thank you. I purchased The Desire Factor and am enjoying it very much.

– C. Gartrelle

Christy, I have studied the law of attraction from 3 different angles, and have had many mentors along the way. The 3 angles I studied were magic, spirituality, and science. I resonate mostly with prayers and placing my faith in THE ALMIGHTY LORD JESUS. I felt in the last few years stuck!!!!!!! . I heard your interview with George Nori on Coast and I started having hope again. I appreciate you very much. And am enjoying your lessons. I felt better from the first lesson.

– C. Gartrelle

I recently retired from a toxic job where people were unkind after a serious stroke that nearly killed me. I wanted to stay longer but knew staying put me closer to another stay in the ICU. I left when I did because “I prefer” life. With life comes awareness, acceptance and action to create that life. Three weeks in retirement, I just published my latest book. For now, to align with this lesson, “I prefer” more coaching opportunities and clients. Christy, I appreciate this lesson because a coaching opportunity is out there and I’ve been “hoping” it will work out. Hoping is not the same as drawing it in through our preference and energy shift. This lesson is a great reminder to focus the internal talk. Thank you.

– A. Davis