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The wiring in our brain switches from lack, limitation and scarcity to abundance, freedom and gratitude when you say this instead!
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“I have to say, after completing almost all of Christy’s classes, the Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future Class is my absolute favorite (next to the Attracting Your Soulmate class, which helped me attract my husband within a month 😉 )! DDYAF encompasses the best of everything Christy has to offer. It is so complete in every aspect of your life. I felt elated after every session and wanted to live in that feeling forever.”

Emily Sharbani H.

“I wanted to let you know that just from being on your free Magnetizing Teleseminar, within four days I received a letter from the US government telling me that I will be receiving a check for $24,099.33. I was not expecting that, nor was it a time to receive a refund check. It was the middle of December. It was just days after I did what you guided us to do in the teleseminar. Thank you so much.”

Katie S.

“Using the tools that Christy Whitman taught me in a very short time has allowed me to experience exponential financial success. She is incredibly gifted in what she does and makes it feel like fun. The financial success that I have experienced in creating money is all because I learned some incredible tools from Christy and I use them and incorporate them every day. The results that I have received have opened up many doors for me that I didn’t think were possible and this is only the beginning!”

Evelyn A.

“I have watched 12 of your watch your words videos and am up leveling my language – internally and extern early, whenever I notice myself using a lower vibe word or phrase… It feels especially powerful. Tucson, Watch your Words and the Divine Codes Meditations are all swirling together to uplift and uplevel me.”

Natalie H.

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