Days 1 to 30

Day 1 of 30
I Can’t Afford It

The wiring in our brain switches from lack, limitation and scarcity to abundance, freedom and gratitude when you say this instead!
Day 2 of 30
I Don’t Want ____

The brain doesn’t recognize the word don’t and this can be disastrous
Day 3 of 30
I Can’t Wait

Almost no one understands how this simple phrase can lead to anxiety and “Dis-Ease”
Day 4 of 30
I Have To

How To Make The Jump From Obligation to Appreciation
Day 5 of 30
I Should

Learn how to stop “shoulding” all over yourself
Day 6 of 30
I Really Shouldn’t Have ___

Regretting the past, or being anything but grateful for everything that’s happened is a recipe for repeating past challenges
Day 7 of 30

Triggers “ANTS” – Automatic Negative Thoughts
Day 8 of 30
Don’t ____

The Mind Does Not Recognize The Word “Don’t”
Day 9 of 30

When we “try”, nothing happens
Day 10 of 30
The Problem Is…

In this short video, you will discover how to overcome anything
Day 11 of 30
I Really Missed You

Although it seems like a harmless thing to say, it really puts us in a space of lack and limitation
Day 12 of 30

Positive “I Am” statements can propel you into a new stratosphere of success
Day 13 of 30

Watching this will be like virtual caffeine for your day and give you the key to rejuvenating your body.
Day 14 of 30
It’s All Your Fault

Blame is one of the lowest vibrations possible. Taking responsibility will set you free and give you power!
Day 15 of 30
It Is What It Is

This Statement gives away your power… Today’s lesson will help you shift…
Day 16 of 30

Discounts everything you have said up to that point
Day 17 of 30
I Need To ____

You might learn the key to staying expanded, empowered and free
Day 18 of 30

Today’s lesson might make you rich, thin, happy and live a long time
Day 19 of 30
You Instead of I

Discover the power in coming from the “I” in today’s lesson
Day 20 of 30
Take a Journey From Hoping to Knowing

This journey can be extremely valuable and might just get you anything you ever wanted and more
Day 21 of 30
Hitting the Reset Button

Switch from Don’t, Not and No to everything you desire
Day 22 of 30

Having boundaries is critical to living an empowered life
Day 23 of 30

See how to flip the switch and get everything you want
Day 24 of 30

Step into your power today and become everything you ever wished you could be
Day 25 of 30
If You Would

Simple technique to stop exporting your power and happiness to outside circumstances
Day 26 of 30
What’s Wrong With…

Day 27 of 30

The only true failure comes when we make excuses and become a victim
Day 28 of 30

When we “exaggerate”, it creates a belief system that causes the things we want to seem too big to accomplish
Day 29 of 30
It’s Not Fair

The path of least resistance to everything you want
Day 30 of 30
Never Give Up!

Learn how to keep going even when the odds seemed stacked against you

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